Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grand Opening- I was there!

I went to a new set of outlet stores in NJ, right around the corner from my house...on GRAND OPENING DAY. Have you ever experienced that? Complete mayhem. Ribbon cutting. Bands. Packed Food court. New bathrooms. Think about it for a second. Grand Opening day for a new shopping center that boasts more than 120 brand name stores at the beginning of the holiday season? It's a girl's absolute, unbelievable way to spend the day. We were the first customers in the Nike store, so we were awarded $10 giftcards, which we promptly used on our kids! Many highlights surrounded me, including...drumroll please... a Lancome outlet. Eyeshadow quads for $4.99. Yes, $4.99! And then the rain came. It didn't stop us though--there were still stores to be had. So we hit a few more, lost the car, found the car, then headed home with five minutes to spare before the school bus came. Now, THAT was a crazy day. What kind of crazy shopping experiences have you had?

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