Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009- The Year for YOU

So many resolutions, so little time! As I was putting up my new wall calendar for 2009, I read the anonymous quote on the bottom of the page for January:

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."

How true! Think about your past. Any of our goals and dreams--we had to work hard to get there. There are no shortcuts. A perfect example from a movie is Rocky. His boxing was his life, but he realized that not only did he have to surpass all obstacles to win the fight, but he had to have the heart to do it. And there weren't any shortcuts. Hard work and determination--and a lot of sweat! But was it worth it for him? Look at this face at the end of the fight. Bloodied, sure. Physically exhausted, absolutely. But the shine of "I did it" in his eyes surpassed any of the physical stuff. He did it.

And we can do it too! Going into 2009, think about your resolutions and come up with a plan. Even if you don't like the term resolution, think of it as new way to approaching things. If you haven't decided or thought about what you'd like to do in the New Year, here are a few things to get you on your way:
  • Explore different books Whether its reading a new genre or picking a new author. Anything new that you've been interested in. Go to the library and grab a book in a different genre that you haven't read. If you usually read mysteries, grab a sci fi or any other story that looks interesting!
  • Try a new hobby.Go ice skating! Or any other activity that you may/may not have done before, and have always wanted to try. You'll probably have to train first and practice, but the feeling of gliding on the ice is priceless! Or go bowling, teach your kids a card game, put a bird feeder on your deck and try to identify the birds. Remember what you loved to do as a kid? Try it again! All of these things get you going...get your creative juices going and bring you into 2009 with a good outlook!
  • Start a journal. Get a notebook and jot down thoughts. Maybe once a day, two times a week, whatever you're comfortable with. A journal usually can unveil things you're interested in! If you journal the things you're thankful for, or just journal about everything things, you may be able to figure out what your true interests are. And if you're interested in writing, things in your journal can be used as story seedlings.
Dream a little, figure out where you want to go for 2009 and do it! I'd love to hear what you decide.


lainey bancroft said...

What a terrific, creative and positive post, Chris!

(although I won't be ice skating any time in the near future) :0

I was a daily journal keeper as a kid (the writer first emerging, perhaps?)but I haven't done it in many, MANY years. I took it up again as a 'goal' for '09. You're right, already it has helped with little sprouts of ideas!

My Story said...

Thanks Lainey! I went ice skating recently after 20 years! And I didn't hurt myself. LOL. Good luck with your journal!

Lynn Reynolds said...

Chris, I decided I've been getting bored with my workout routine, so just today I went and registered for a tai chi class. Since I am a total klutz, this should be interesting. Maybe if nothing else, I'll get a comical story out of it.

I've also resolved to write two novels this year, since my average so far has only been one each year. Guess I should stop reading blogs and get work!

Debra St. John said...

I love the idea of trying something new as part of a resolution for the new year. Thanks for the sets the year off just right.

Rebecca J. Clark said...

I've been writing three pages in a daily journal for about 10 years--ever since I read the book The Artist's Way. The author, Julia Cameron calls them "morning pages;" they're a place where I whine, gripe, and moan about what's bugging me, where I work out issues with my WIP, whatever. If I don't do my morning pages, my day just doesn't feel complete.

One of my 2009 resolutions is to set a writing schedule and stick to it. As for trying a new hobby...who has the time...