Thursday, January 29, 2009

Being Swept Away

Have you ever been swept away by a story? Swept away to the point that it’s torture to put the book down to make dinner? Maybe a juicy love story? Or a spine tingling suspense?

You know it right when you read the first page. Hook, Line, and Sinker. The story literally grabs onto your adrenaline and doesn’t let go!

Almost every one of LaVryle Spencer's books took hold of me in that way. I spent one whole summer reading book after book written by her. We even went on a road trip that summer to New England and I didn't want to get out of the car for a break! I couldn't get enough! I felt like I literally was in each of the story lines. And by the end of each story, I had become family with these characters. The love story between Lorna Barnett and Jens Harkens in "November of the Heart" took my breath away.

Do you remember the last story that swept you away? Like any other defining moment in your life, I’ll bet you can remember exactly where you were when it happened. That is the most incredible part of reading a great book.


Rene said...

I just got swept away reading this blog... You rock!!! :) I do remember this feeling. That life changing moment. I read 'Yesterday I Cried' by Iyanla Vanzant. As surely as I became her in her strength to move on I grew wings and am learning to use these new muscles and fly steadily.

Christine Clemetson said...

Thanks Rene....I haven't read that but it sounds like something I'd like to look up...

Bill Johnson said...

I loved your post! Your words are always so inpirational to me. I was definitely swept away by your story - A Daughters Promise!

RoseAnn DeFranco said...

Chris - I don't know if you're going to see this post as it is in response to an earlier post but great minds really think alike. I read November of the Heart years ago and it is just a story that stayed with me. I actually got it out of the library a few weeks ago and read it again. I LOVE Lorna and Jens. Did you know that she wrote a contemporary book set in the same location? Do you remember the name of that one?

Another author who nourishes my sould similar to LaVeryl Spencer is Susan Wiggs. I think I loaned you one of her books one time. I'm currently reading her newest novel, Just Breathe and it is fantastic. I think Authors like Susan and LaVeryl inspire me to be the best writer I can be. Thanks for a great topic.

Christine Clemetson said...

Hi RoseAnn, I love Lorna and Jens so much. Now you have me inspired to re-read it! I didn't know about the contemporary...I'm going to definitely look that up. I did read the Susan Wiggs book you gave me...good stuff..!
Thanks for posting!