Thursday, March 12, 2009

What A Good Day Means

There is nothing on this earth like having a day doing the thing you love the most. Besides spending time with your spouse, kids, and pets (of course they’re number one!), think about the next most important thing that makes you happy. Maybe riding the waves at the beach? Playing in a band? Watching your favorite football team? We all have our unique interests—our passions—the very things that give our souls a voice. For me, it’s writing stories. When I’m writing, hours pass by with the speed of a minute.

Sometimes as we grow up, and gather many more responsibilities, we forget what we love doing the most. A half hour to play guitar may seem unrealistic when your daughter needs to be driven to ballet, then soccer, and then dinner. Sound familiar? The key is to be creative. For example, during your busiest days of the week, you plan to play the guitar for ten minutes, and then maybe an hour on another day. Figure out a schedule and put it on your calendar. If you need more prodding, remember how you feel when your fingers hit those guitar strings.

In the last few years, I’ve been able to slowly cut down on my work schedule to give me more time to write. I also try to use those nooks and crannies of the day, which include lunch hours, getting up a little early, or the few minutes before the school bus comes.

The important thing is remember your passion, remember what makes you happy and make time for it.


Caridad Pineiro said...

You are so right, Chris! It's so important to take time for your passion and the things that feed your soul. I am so glad you are finding more time to write.

Christine Clemetson said...

Thanks Charity! You're right...a healthy soul is so important--and finding time for your passion makes it happen. :))))

Thanks for posting!

Jesspoirvivant said...

Chris, as I've mentioned a time a two before, LOL. This time in my life has been about finding passions both long forgotten and so deeply buried in my subconscious they needed an explosion to be cajoled into being. Writing is now one of them, so I tip off my hat if I were wearing one, to a wonderful inspiration, YOU! How wonderfully ironic that through writing it is freeing my inner demons to no longer live in me, thereby giving me a chance to breathe again, and LIVE again! Can't wait to find out what is next! Yay! :D

Christine Clemetson said...

Oh Jess, That's awesome!! I'm so happy that writing has helped you in so many ways! What a great feeling, huh???????? Thanks for sharing that! :)))))

RoseAnn DeFranco said...

Well said, Chris. When I'm not writing or enjoying time with my loved ones, I listen to music. It helps to make ANY task go by quickly and painlessly. Case in bathrooms got cleaned today with a song in my heart! We all need something to fuel the soul. Happy writing, my friend!

Christine Clemetson said...

You're right Roseann! And I agree that anything goes by fast when you're doing/listening to something you love! Thanks for posting & living your dream!