Thursday, April 9, 2009

Authors Day at Chris Redding's Blog

Today, for new post Thursday, I'm visiting author Chris Redding's blog spot for her Authors Day interview. Since Chris' motto is "Take a wild ride with a Chris Redding book", you know you'll enjoy visiting! Lots of questions, lots of fun!

Hope to see you there!


Jesspoirvivant said...

Hey Chris, sorry I missed the interview. Just read the interview & all the comments. Long after I have read the book, the characters have stayed with me, they are like family, and I will always remember them with fondness. Not to mention, I'm sure I'll be revisiting Cucina Moneto in the future. :D

Christine Clemetson said...

Hi Jess, Thanks for stopping by...I'm so glad you enjoyed the story! And Cucina Moneto may make it into another story!!!! Never say Never. LOL. Thanks for all your support. :)