Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A review that took my breath away!

Last night, I opened my email to find a review of my book "A Daughter's Promise". Debut author Joanna Aislinn (No Matter Why, Wild Rose Press, 2010) wrote such a beautiful and thoughtful review of my story, that I couldn't resist sharing with you! Having someone connect with your story is incredible--one of the most magical things about being a writer. Thank you so much Joanna for reading my story --I feel so inspired by your thoughts.

Here's what Joanna said about A Daughter's Promise...

A page turner.
Lovely in every sense of the word.
Serene Moneto. Miles Coulson. WWII Rome, 1944.
Italian girl discovers gravely injured American soldier and immediately sets out to rescue him from the Germans. Within minutes he saves her from the unwanted attentions of the enemy.
And so begins A Daughter’s Promise (The Wild Rose Press), a positively enthralling debut written by my newest author friend, Christine Clemetson. Emotion-driven and beautiful beyond many I’ve read, the connection between Miles and Serene is palpable the instant their fingers brush that first time.
Yes, I loved this book. I could truly relate to Serene, the all-Italian girl raised to honor her father’s wishes and to care--no matter what the cost to her, even a lifetime of joy with the man she adores--for the family her parents unwillingly left behind in the wakes of their deaths. Miles is the every bit the All-American hero, the one every girl imagines she’ll nurse back to health and love beyond reason, only to be loved that way in return.
Christine weaves a hypnotic tale. One that instantly turned off my inner editor. One I had to make myself put down in order to do those pesky things one has to do. Of course the guy gets his girl and the girl gets her hero—this is a romance, for heaven’s sake. It’s HOW Christine grabbed me immediately, with only a handful of paragraphs before even the title page.
This couple’s journey is one of selflessness, a tale of love at its most pure. One that reminded me why I write romance, why I choose to believe in a happily ever after. Effortlessly she transported me into Serene and Miles’ world, made me root for her immediately and fall in love with him instantly, care for them as if they were dear friends caught up in life’s greatest turmoil. This is one title whose praises I’ll sing again and again. Chances are, I’ll read it again, too.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

On Being a Writer at Conference

When you follow your dreams, life is incredible!

I just got back from the Liberty States Fiction Writers first conference writing conference! It was an incredible weekend of writing, chatting with other writers, attending fabulous workshops, and spending time with friends. I learned so much about things like character development, how to determine voice in my stories, and how to manage my time to fit everything in.

Like a sponge, I soaked it all in, all the excitement of having stories to tell and sharing these ideas with other writers. I didn't want the weekend to end...but when it did...I knew I had so much that I was able to bring home--Motivation. Inspiration. And most important? Wonderful times celebrating the craft of writing with my friends.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Author Talk - "Three Takes on Love"

It's almost Valentine's Day! I'll be participating in "Three Takes on Love" at the Pequannok Library - Monday, February 8 at 7pm. Authors M.Falgg and Linda J. Parisi will be there too. Come join us for a discussion about writing, the road to publication, and our debut novels!