Monday, October 15, 2012

How to have a GREAT headache!

Headache? Can a headache ever be GREAT?

Of course it can.

Let me first start by saying that when I mix writing and great friends, the only thing that can get better in life is GREAT chocolate! (Besides my hubby, kids and basset hound Molly of course, and maybe Dunkin's Pumpkin spice coffee...).

I had all of that, plus more, at the NJRW writing conference this weekend! I talked writing for two whole days, listened to great workshops, pitched my newest work in progress, and met awesome new people. And that was just the beginning. Incredible authors like Susan Wiggs, Heather Graham, and Sabrina Jeffries led inspirational talks that made me want to pen the great American novel, right there and then! There were many, many incredible workshops, it was hard to choose. From how to create a powerhouse author website to how to write a villain that makes a reader cower in fear. I studied topics like how to organize a kick butt plot, how to enhance a setting, and what's hot in the market. I sucked it all up like a sponge grabs water!

But back to the GREAT headache for a moment. At the keynote luncheon, the dessert comprised of the darkest, most luscious, fudgiest, creamiest chocolate cake known to woman! I ate it all. I ate it all without an ounce of guilt. Then I scraped the plate with my fork, knowing all the while what would appear in the next eight hours.

A whopper of a headache.

Did I mention I get migraines from dark chocolate?

So, alas, it was a GREAT headache because it reminded me of just what a awesome time I had at the NJRW conference.Thank you to the conference committee and all that put so much hard work into the best weekend ever!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


So, I’m back! I’ve been away from the blog for a while, busy writing my new suspense novel entitled  Close Your Eyes (one that I hope will send you under your bed in fear!).  

My blog ideas are bursting at the seams, so I had to get started…today! But why today, a regular Wednesday in the middle of the week? It all started in the pouring rain, with me under a tiny pink umbrella imprinted with pictures of lipsticks and high heels. I watched my son’s middle school soccer team fight their hardest yesterday through the wet, mud and thick air.  Despite the outside conditions, these kids slid, kicked, and head butted their way down the field, again and again, their eyes on the goal. They put it all into the game, and it showed. 

Watching that spirit and drive, it made me think about all of us and how we pursue our dreams. Whether we’re seeking publication for a new book, going after the promotion in the office, or going back to school for a degree, we have our eye on the prize.

We know the goal is at the other end of the field. That’s a fact. But how are we going to get there? If our dream is ignited deep down inside of us, we’ll find a way. If we have to maneuver the ball a different direction, set up our players in new positions, whatever it may be, we’ll try it. Like these middle school kids, we’re driven by the fire in our bellies. For you, it may not be on the soccer field or writing a novel and hoping it sells, but it may be something that you’ve thought about your entire life, but have been too hesitant to share with anyone. Right now, at this very second, put that dream in your head.

See it.

Imagine yourself living it.

Whatever it is, find a way every day to work toward it. Even if it’s just five minutes to put your mind on it, acknowledge it, know that it exists.

We never know what’s going to be around the corner, so we have to follow our dreams now. Not tomorrow, or next week. But now. Figure out your game plan, and head down that field!

"All our dreams can come true, if you have 
the courage to pursue them."  
--Walt Disney